Just had a great dinner with my great friend, super talented music man, Mark Wright.

Mark Wright was originally a songwriter, having written for Reba McEntire, Amy Grant, and Kenny Rogers. By 1989, he had moved to RCA Records, where he worked in A&R and co-produced Clint Black‘s debut album Killin’ Time. He also produced Too Cold at Home for Mark Chesnutt, and became senior vice president of MCA Nashville’s sister label Decca Records in 1994 until its closure in 1999. In 2001, Wright received a Grammy Award nomination for co-producing Lee Ann Womack‘s “I Hope You Dance”.

He was later executive vice president of A&R for MCA Nashville, then served in the same position at Sony Music Nashville from June 2003 to December 2006.

Wright became president of Universal South Records in 2006, and held the position until the label merged with Show Dog Records to become Show Dog-Universal Music in 2009, at which point he became president of the new label.

The Legendary Sun Record Company Story!


Sam Phillips
Howlin’ Wolf
Carl Perkins
Johnny Cash
Roy Orbison
BB King
Jerry Lee Lewis
Warren Smith
Billy Lee Riley
Charlie Rich
Rufus Thomas
Bill Justis

For the rest of the week I will only be posting in “Nadsat”!

(The fictional language used by the teenagers in Anthony Burgess‘ novel “A Clockwork Orange“.)

Yarbles to ya’! We’ll be needing pretty polly for moloko plus vellocet then a nochy of the old in and out with twenty to one grahzny devotchkas and lubbilubbing. Then slooshy to the zvook of dobby Roy Orbison warbles and sneety spatchka…


(Next week! I’ll be transcribing Roy Orbison‘s classic song “In Dreams” into Fala dos arxiñas, the secret language of Spanish stonemasons!!!!!)

“Erethay isay onlyay oneay Oyray Isonorbay”!

Pig latin is what is called an “argot”. An argot is a secret language used by various groups (schoolmates, outlaws, colleagues) to prevent outsiders from understanding their conversations.
The Swedish equivalent of Pig Latin is Fikonspråket or “Fig language”.

“Fit dekon finns fikon fira bakon fin ekon fiy rokon firbison okon”!

A French variant , called Verlan, is spoken by separating a word into syllables and reversing the syllables.

Verlan was first documented being used as far back as the 19th century. Today so widely used that it has spread into advertising, film scripts, French rap music. In some cases, words that have been “Verlanned” have actually replaced their original words in French dictionaries.

(If you can write French, please write “There Is Only One Roy Orbison” in verian for us in the comments. I’m curious to see it, Thanks!)

Some other examples of coded language which can be used in puzzles, poetry and songwriting:

1337 speak
Caló (Chicano)
Cockney rhyming slang
Fala dos arxinas
Gayle language
Martian language
Lazăr Șăineanu
Thieves’ cant

If you are interested in this type of thing, have fun researching these!!!

Had so much fun at Barnes & Noble in Nashville! Thanks to everyone who showed up!

Roy Orbison 3 and Ryman Frizzell!

Ryman (on the right in the hat) is the amazingly cute son of Corey Frizzell and Toni Frizzell. He is grandnephew of country music giant Lefty Frizzell.

They are friends and both very talented musically for their age – 2 years!

😎 Meet me at the Vanderbilt University Barnes & Noble Bookstore (in Nashville, Tennessee) TODAY at 2pm for a signing of my new book “The Authorized Roy Orbison“! Co-author Wesley K. Orbison will be there too!