“Pretty Woman” video by Roy Orbison & Royal Philharmonic Orchestra with The Orbison Brothers!

In the studio working on the next big Orbison project today. Should be out this November!

Not sure if it’s been announced yet, so I can’t tell you the name.

Ryman Frizzell and Roy Orbison 3

Check out the cool shirts, Ryman has a Roy Orbison shirt and Roy 3 has a Lefty Frizzell shirt!

The Big O interviewed for Hit Scene. Australian TV broadcast, October 1972.


Which one is the cake?

My super-talented niece, Emily Orbison, made the flower bouquet you see out of delicious cupcakes. Look again – the flowers are not real – they are cupcakes!

“The Way Is Love” (Music Video) – Roy Orbison with The Orbison Brothers!


In the early days of rock and roll, Roy Orbison was famous for his classic voice. Now, years after his death, Jim Axelrod reports on how his sons found a song of his that’s become part of a CD and documentary called “Mystery Girl Deluxe”.


Remembering Marilyn Monroe who died on this day August 5, 1962 in Brentwood in Los Angeles, California. 💋💋💋


One of the first pictures of Johnny and Roy.

Johnny Cash and Roy Orbison met when Roy was 18 years old. This picture is from 1956 when Roy is 20.