Right before we went into labor! Thanks to friends and family for all support! We are so happy!

We are so happy to announce the birth of our second son (Roy Orbison’s grandson). He is healthy and beautiful. Asa Orbison did a great job and I am very proud of her.

Baby Bo Alexander Orbison was born Friday night at 9:29pm on Febuary 9, 2018!

( Funny coincidence in the numbers of his birth time:

9:29pm 2/9/2018

2018 has 29 in it too. If you take 2018 to be (2 + 0) & (1+8=9)

Then it’s: 9292929 )

Asa Orbison maternity pictures in People Magazine!

Read interview and see more pictures HERE!

Counting down to babytime…

Listen to another clip from “The Authorized Roy Orbison” Audiobook HERE! – Read by Roy Orbison Jr, Wesley K. Orbison & Alex Orbi Orbison! Recorded in my studio Pretty Woman Studio!

The Audiobook is available on itunes, Amazon, and the Roy Orbison Store!