“What’d I Say” – Roy Orbison with The Everly Brothers!

Roy Orbison did a lot of ballads, but when he rocked – He tore the house down. This performance is from an American TV show called “Shindig” which ran from 1964-1966. Orbison’s Shindig appearance was one of their highest rated shows. To top it off – Roy’s friends, fellow Rock and Roll pioneers, Phil Everly and Don Everly join Roy at the end of the song!

“Crying” – Glen Campbell (Official) (Roy Orbison)

(With an amazing group of musicians, all of whom knew Roy Orbison and owe Roy a great deal of credit for their careers, including: Willie Nelson, Chet Atkins, Roy Clark – Superpicker, Official Crystal Gayle, Waylon Jennings, Ray Stevens, Ralph Emery and more…)

On this day, September 7, 2011, Buddy Holly received his Hollywood Walk of Fame Star.

I was there for the event and hung out with Buddy’s wife MarĂ­a Elena and Phil Everly all day!

My Mother, Barbara Orbison, always laughed when she saw this pic, She said “It looks like you are giving him the star.” I replied “I did.”

It’s another one of my behind the scenes contributions and it’s a long story, but briefly, the year before I was with the board of the Walk of Fame and the Mayor of Hollywood at our Roy Orbison Star event and I begged and persuaded them that it was time for Buddy as well. There is quite a bit of work and “politics” that goes into these star events and we got Buddy and Roy’s stars on either side of the Beatles in front of the Capitol Records Building.

Of course Buddy himself is responsible for his star, but I like to think I had a small part in this.

My Mother was too ill to go so it was a sad day for me as well as a happy one.
This was also the last time I saw my friend the great Phil Everly who I loved. Lots of stories too long to tell here

“Mystery Girl Deluxe” promotion from 2014.

Roy Orbison Jr and Alex Orbi Orbison talk about their father Roy Orbison.