This is Mom, Dad, Alex and I at our house in Hendersonville Tennessee.

I have alot of great memories from that place. Obviously I was more interested in playing with the ball I’m holding than taking pictures but all these years later it’s a classic pic.

(Somehow noone who lives there knows the history of the city. Hendersonville had less than 700 people when I was born. “Discovered” by Roy Acuff who was country music’s first big star. Then Boudleaux Bryant and Felice Bryant, Nashville’s first professional songwriters, moved there in the 1950’s. Roy lived with them when he first moved to Nashville. He bought a park called Caudill Estates. Later he sold part of it to his friend Johnny Cash. We saw literally every country music star and wannabe-star follow Roy Orbison to Hendersonville lake: Bob Luman, Conway Twitty, Oak Ridge Boys, Barbara Mandrell, all the way to Taylor Swift and many more. Now 400,000+ people live there in what has become a giant suburb of apartment buildings. I still remember the farmers and animals who were there before them and it makes me sad. I never go back except to see my friend John Carter Cash or Center Point BBQ, the only two true Hendersonvillians left.)

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