A rare picture of Dad and me. He’s wearing a suit made by Elvis Presley’s designer of stage clothing.

(Roy Orbison & Roy Orbison Jr)

Pablo Picasso’s “Violin and Guitar” (1912).

You feel intuitively that this is about music.

Picasso was Inspired by the Modernist music of Arnold Schoenberg. (Picasso and abstract artist Wassily Kandinsky fused the themes of musical Modernism to the canvas.)

“Violin and Guitar” is from Picasso’s Cubist period. In the three years before the onset of World War I, Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque & Juan Gris used duplication of viewpoints, against the notion of fixed-point perspective that had reigned for five centuries.

Combining oil paint, charcoal, and a solitary weave of fabric; this geometric surface is a triumph of artistic modernity at a crucial point in twentieth century history.

“Violin and Guitar” is located in The Hermitage Museum of St. Petersburg, Russia.

Happy Birthday Phil Everly!

Born January 19, 1939 in Chicago, Illinois.

Phil was an amazing man & Superstar musician. Love out to the universe for him today.

This is how I remember Phil Everly. One lucky day, I spent hours talking with him in this room. He resonated a life transcended by music. So peaceful, understanding, accepting, strong.

Me as a baby with Mom & Dad!‬

‪Amazed by my friend, the toy penguin.‬

(Roy Orbison Jr, Barbara Orbison, Roy Orbison)