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Wayne Moss Interview Part 3


And here is our current rottweiler – “Roadie”! Roadie is born around the same month as Roy 3 which makes him 4 years old. He’s 135 pounds of sweetness. A very good dog. We got him little puppy “Princess” as a companion.

This is my dog “Weiler”. He was the special dog that made me love all rottweilers. My good friend. Wiley. His favorite song was “Let’s Twist Again” by Chubby Checker. We’d dance in circles when it played.

He died Nov. 2, 2009. Still missed.

“Princess” is so cute! I will have to try to refrain myself from posting pictures of her day by day growth. But until then, here’s her in action this morning.

She is 10 weeks old now.

Roy Orison 3 and Princess!

Our newest addition! A baby girl Rottweiler.

She’s had three names already. I wanted to name her Peritas after Alexander the Great’s dog. Roy Orbison 3 wanted to name her Dopey after Snow White & 7 Dwarfs. We finally settled on a more “doggy” name… Princess.

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