Me & Joe Walsh backstage at Madison Square Garden.

I was there to see The History of the Eagles Tour. I saw the show 2 nights in a row in New York. Again in Los Angeles and again in Nashville. 4 times total. So glad I did! God Bless Glenn Frey.

Joe has us call him Uncle Joe. He and lovely wife Marjorie are Godparents to Roy 3rd!

Aunt Marjorie was my Mom’s best friend.

Besides being the coolest Eagle, Joe was in The James Gang. But my favorite is his solo work. Don’t miss a chance to see him in concert when he comes by you. The guy works non-stop and as hard as anyone in the music business . . . after all he’s been through. Everybody say he’s cool . . . He’s cool!

Roy Orbison Jr with Joe Walsh, from The Eagles

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