Happy Birthday Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin! Born on January 9, 1944.

Jimmy & Peter Grant were on a tour of Australia with Roy Orbison in 1967 when The Yardbirds opened for him. Roy’s single on that tour “Communication Breakdown” was used by Jimmy for a Led Zeppelin song title. (on Led Zeppelin 1 recorded the following year 1968 )

Jimmy Page used to go to the airport to meet Roy Orbison when Roy flew into London. Roy would bring Jimmy some hard to find guitar strings and parts.

I’ve got quite a few Jimmy Page & Led Zeppelin stories to tell…

Going to a Jimmy Page charity dinner and getting put at the Iron Maiden table…

Seing Robert Plant filming a CMT concert special on my birthday October 18th…

Being trapped in Stockholm Sweden’s The Grand Hotel lobby with Jimmy Page, Robert Plant & John Paul Jones and thousands of people outside who somehow were asking for my autograph as well.

When I was a child we lived for months at a time in London in a hotel room called The Maharaja Suite in the Mayfair Hotel. There was a statue of a tiger and a horse that I would play on. Led Zeppelin stayed there in about 1975 and John Bonham wrecked the room. Destroying my beloved statue which was missing next time we stayed there.

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