Johnny Cash, June Carter Cash, Roy Orbison

Among the coolest pictures ever taken!

My mother, Barbara Orbison, took the picture because it was just the four of them. I feel her presence in the picture.

My Godparents are Johnny and June. I tell everybody I meet that fact like a proud schoolboy. I still shed a tear if I think about them directly for more than a few seconds. They are severely missed.

June Carter was my Mother’s best friend. Her only friend for her first years in America. June took Barbara underwing and taught her about the traditions when Barbara was 18 years old.

June is the princess of the Carter Family. The most important band in American history. If you don’t know their music and story, please do yourself a favor and do a little research. My favorite songs by them are “Wildwood Flower” and “Blue Eyes Crying In the Rain”.

Mother Maybelle was at my baby shower with my Mom and June. She came to all my early birthday parties. Maybelle Carter was America’s first guitar hero. Strange more has not been made of that as she invented the basic Ame

rican style of guitar long before Merle Travis, Chet Atkins, Chuck Berry, Jimi Hendrix or Eddie Van Halen.

Johnny Cash loved my family as more than just friend and neighbors. Johnny and Roy’s friendship goes back to Roy’s teen years then Sun Records and moving to Nashville. Johnny was always there when we needed him and Roy was there when Johnny needed him. That relationship continues to this day with The Cash, Carter, and Orbison families. (Their children and grandchildren.)

And my dear Dad, who gave me everything I have ever had.

This is really one of my favorite pictures. I carry it in my mind everywhere I go.

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