“One of the Lonely Ones” is a Roy Orbison albumw hich was released on December 4, 2015. Orbison recorded it in 1969.

In the summer of 1968, Roy Orbison was touring the UK when he met his second wife Barbara Orbison at a nightclub in Leeds. On September 16, 1968, he got the news that his home had burned down and his two eldest sons had died. He took a break for the rest of 1968. On January 21, 1969, Orbison went into the studio to record an album related to the tragedy. After the death of his sons, he went into exile when he was scheduled to be promoting his then current album, Roy Orbison’s Many Moods which was delayed to May 1969. Orbison recorded until March 19 so he could tour. After the tour was completed, In July, he went back into the studio to record and finished this album on August 2. Because of contract disputes, MGM Records shelved One of the Lonely Ones, and it had remained unreleased and unheard until now. The album was thought to have been lost forever, but was recently discovered by Orbison’s sons. After this album was not released, Orbison started getting into disputes with MGM and they quit paying his record advance.

1 “You’ll Never Walk Alone” (2:07)
2 “Say No More” (3:00)
3 “Leaving Makes the Rain Come Down” (2:52)
4 “Sweet Memories” (2:49)
5 “Laurie” (2:33)
6 “One of the Lonely Ones” (2:37)
7 “Child Woman, Woman Child” (3:23)
8 “The Defector” (2:08)
9 “Give Up” (3:07)
10 “Little Girl (In the Big City)” (3:07)
11 “After Tonight” (3:22)
12 “I Will Always” (2:42)

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