As the lyrics suggest, the latest piece of IKEA TV advert music is indeed Roy Orbison‘s”In Dreams”! 😎

The song was written and recorded in 1963 by the legendary American singer and went on to become the title track of The Big O’s fourth studio album “In Dreams”. ( You can download the full length track from iTunes and )

Featuring the lyrics “In Dreams you’re mine, all of the time. We’re together in dreams”, this typically great Roy Orbison single spent an impressive five months on the UK charts. This performance was boosted by the fact the singer-songwriter and musician spent much of that period touring Britain with a band called the The Beatles.

This new Wonderful Everyday IKEA advert features young men and women heading to a nightclub dressed in pyjamas & onesies, not to drink and dance, but instead to get a good nights sleep. The campaign appears to be a response to the countries worsening problem of sleep deprivation, due in part to modern technology and hectic work and social commitments, encouraging viewers to put all this aside and make time for a full nights sleep on a regular basis.


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